Hi there!

I’m a aspiring drone pilot by day, inspiring Online English teacher by night and this is my website. I live in the Philippines with my lovely wife and our son, and I like traveling and love Asia. (And getting caught in the rain helps with the humidity.)

Taught and traveled around Asia for 12 years and decided to focus on writing and creating a base for my next endeavor of online entrepreneurship.

(with intentions on traveling around and teaching in different place within Asia)

Follow this next journey as I update the website with small incites to what is working and hopefully not what isn’t!

I have also included a special invitation only link to join me teaching online with a company where the teacher’s help each other and will pass you onto someone who may help where we cannot.

I wish you all much happiness and may your next adventure take you to the limits and make you feel young and alive! Kind regards and best wishes!

Shaun and Monet

Special Invitation